Where can I get NuShares?

You can get NuShares at any of the exchanges that currently support NuShares trading. For a full list please visit our NuShares Exchanges page.

What are NuShares?

NuShares are units held by individuals who wish to help support and maintain the Nu network. Owning NuShares is not required to use NuBits. Instead, NuShares are intended to be a source of network equity for developers, entrepreneurs, and speculators. NuShareholders can receive network revenues in the form of Peercoin dividends paid out by a custodian.

NuShareholders can cast votes for actions that positively affect the Nu network. These actions help adjust the supply and demand for NuBits so that they will always remain at a long-term $1.00 US value.

How many NuShares exist?

As of August 2015 there are approximately 835,000,000 NSR and this supply will increase at a rate of approximately 2% per year. The supply increases as Proof-of-Stake minting rewards are given to active individual minters. The current reward per block is 40 NuShares. The current block spacing time is approximately one minute.

Visit our block explorer for the most recent NuShare supply numbers.

How many NuShares are needed to vote?

A minimum of 10,000 NuShares are required to submit votes on the network. This limit is in place to prevent blockchain clutter from individuals without a vested interest in the network, while still allowing small shareholders to offer input into network decisions.

What can NuShareholders vote on?

There are several actions NuShareholders can vote on. The actions to vote on are Custodian votes, Park Rate votes, Motion votes and Transaction Fees. NuShareholders will be able to vote on these different network actions when a block is minted. By setting their vote in the client it will be recorded into the blockchain each time they mint a block. The purposes of these categories of votes are to select custodians to maintain the network, choose interest rates for parking, make decisions on the development of the network, and determine how much using NuBits should cost a user.

Find out more about how each of these voting mechanics work.