Current Liquidity Pools



Exchanges: Bittrex & Poloniex (Bitcoin)

The first pool run by NuShareholders Woolly Sammoth and Willy.



Exchanges: BTER (Bitcoin & CNY)

A trustless liquidity pool run by NuShareholder Nagalim, with fellow NuShareholder wengone contributing as Chinese communications officer. The intention of NuPond is to provide a sustainable peg on BTER such that liquidity providing in the pool is profitable in the long term.


NuLagoon Pool A, C, D

Exchanges: Poloniex (Bitcoin)

As the first NuBits liquidity group pool pioneer, the Nu Lagoon offer multiple pools to people of different risk appetite and provide the easiest way of participation. All you need to do is to send funds or withdraw orders to the pool's deposit address. NuShareholder Henry is the pool operator.



Exchanges: CCEDK (Bitcoin, USD, EUR)

LiquidBits is the second liquidity pool build on Creon's NuPool software. LiquidBits focuses on fiat pairs with spreads only covering the exchange fees. The pool is operated by long-time NuShareholder Cybnate. The pool operator intends to stay close to the NuPool software developments currently supported by Woolly Sammoth.